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Medway Child Support Lawyer

As an experienced Medway child support attorney representing parents throughout Massachusetts, I know that for many going through divorce, the fear that the process will have a negative impact on their children is very real. The financial circumstances of families change after divorce, and it is crucial to ensure that proper arrangements for child support are made. Whether a settlement is reached through mediation or litigation, my job is to ensure that your rights and the rights of your children are protected.

Child Support Agreements

Agreements will ensure that living arrangements, schooling and financial support are clear and that a parenting plan is crafted that takes all of the needs of your children into account.

A basic formula applies to the calculation of amounts payable in child support. A number of factors are taken into account, including:

  • The number of children and their ages
  • The income of each spouse
  • Responsibility for health, dental and child care payments

Franklin Special Needs Support Attorney

Most child support issues are settled using a set formula. However, if your child has special needs outside of the standard support recognized in law, including special education needs, matters can become more complex. For example, if a child is autistic and attends extra-curricular art or sports classes not covered by insurance, any agreement needs to specifically address responsibility for meeting this extra cost. Similarly, payment for extra-curricular activities such as cheerleading trips and payment for college fees should all be considered for typical children.

Not all lawyers place sufficient emphasis on these more complex aspects of child support. Since 2010 however, I have been a board member of the Special Needs Advocacy Network. In that time, I have developed a particular interest in supporting children with special education needs and devising appropriate child support arrangements for them. I am also a parent coordinator for parents experiencing difficulties with forming co-parenting relationships.

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