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At Sheridan Law, I work to help and your through your family law issues by reducing conflict and using mediation and collaborative law to resolve your case. Together, we will find the answers you need.

My name is Mary Sheridan. For the past several decades, I have served Massachusetts families in crisis. In the course of my career as an attorney, I strive to provide families across the state with knowledgeable advocacy and compassion. My experience allows me to help you and your family work through the issues that divorce, child custody, child support and additional related concerns.

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Welcome to my office. I provide the knowledgeable legal help you need to resolve your family law problem, no matter how overwhelming or difficult it may seem.

Passionate Representation For Children

One of my passions in life is helping those who need it, and this is especially true for children. Children often have no voice in the legal system. When I represent you, I help you advocate for your child and ensure that their interests come first.

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If you are looking for help you can trust, sit down with me at my office. Your future matters, and I am ready to help in the courtroom and in negotiations. Dial 508-507-8222 or contact me online.